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Default Color Diffrence


After looking at the pictures and the explanation of the process I have a couple of questions about the end result after multiple coats of blue.

The finish after the last 3 coats were applied looked very black, but the up-close after the abrasion process showed lots of blue with the edges seeming very black. Which image is the best example of what the finished product will look like? I attached the two images
I'm referring to to the bottom.

Since I'm not using this on a gun but on unfinished steel lighting parts I'm just trying to understand what the finished product is going to look like.

Lastly since these parts are not going to be used or handled very much what would be the best sealer or top coat to use over the bluing?



So this is where the picture should have been but i haven't posted enough to be able to add photos so the two pictures I'm referring to are the 4th and 6th photos in the process.
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