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You mentioned "cake pan restoration"? That is something I can help with. No, you don't have to "Blue" it. lol You actually can bring it back to useful shape. Steel baking pans can be "seasoned" much like cast iron. Clean the rust with Brillo wash and dry. Wipe the pan inside (and outside if needed) with a very, very light coat of vegetable oil, so little that it will not drip or run. Place it upside down in a 350F oven for at least an hour and let cool gradually. Sometimes with a first "seasoning" a second application will help. What you end up with is almost like a coat of varnish that inhibits it from rusting and helps produce a non stick finish. As odd as it may seem it's sort of cross between metal bluing and stock finishing. Replenished from time to time those steel baking pans can last many years if not a lifetime.

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