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Originally Posted by olsaltydog View Post
Just curious on how one would test your suggestion of holding at full draw? Would you test this on different trips?

If you don't mind explaining, not looking for an argument just curious as when I take folks to the gym for training alot of individuals will be capable of performing one action good once, their repetitive actions will be diminished due to energy expended. So the possible best bow he can hold at full draw may not be realized due to fatigue caused by drawing and holding several bows prior to that.
this is a 3 yr old post your replying to??
so I doubt your going to get a answer

my guess ??
would be he was sort of saying to draw each bow and see what one has the most let off, which should make holding at full draw the easiest?
I personally wouldn;'t choose a bow this way
like a gun, fit is to me more important, and with archery, its honestly IMO all about form, the better your form the better you shoot, so having a bow that fits best, tends to allow shooter to shoot it the best!
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