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I think you guys are getting guiding and outfitting mixed up. They are not the same in that an outfitter is the person you book your hunt with. Normally that should be done with a written contract with all the specifics of what the hunt will include. Most hunts, unless they are for something like sheep that can go for $20K+ for one person and one or more guides, is for one guide to two persons. If you want to have a guide all to yourself there is an extra charge for that. Most guides work for an outfitter that probably doesn't pay a wage that would be considered enough to support possibly more than themselves and, therefore, they rely a lot on tips from their hunters. Those tips vary a lot depending on how much the person feels the guide did to provide a good hunt and put them on animals to the best of their ability. It may be 10% or maybe 30% of what the outfitted hunt cost depending on the means the hunter has. I can tell you that none of these guides or even the outfitters are getting rich in the short seasons they are working with and what it costs to run an outfit.
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