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Yes and no. I can see how if we both went on a guided hunt and both got our animal on the 1st day of a 7-day hunt, the guide wouldn't be able to just bring another client in for that next 6 days or 7 if he was trying to book another 7-day hunt. I can see their point of view on that, especially since I highly doubt wither of us would go on some guaranteed hunt with animals in some kind of pen.

Now the daily rate for 2 hunters instead of one, is a different story. Most of the guided hunts I've seen charge a set rate for one hunter and a discount of just a few hundred dollars if a 2nd hunter or buddy goes with you. That isn't much of a discount and seems to be designed to discourage people from booking a hunt for 2 hunters instead of 1. I can see charging a little extra for 2 hunters (more food, horses, tents, etc.) but darn near double does not seem like any kind of a deal at all. JMHO but that's how I've seen this.
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