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Yes and no. Right now, those bucks are still in a summer pattern. If you can hunt them early in the season, you can probably predict their movements if you have enough info abou them on your trail cams. However, once the rut starts, they'll start getting pretty unpredictable. If they were hanging out together, they'll split up and start covering a lot of mileage and chasing does. At that point, the only thing that'll keep them local is a good supply of hot does. Food plots can have a trickle-down effect during the rut (does stay where there's high quality forage and if one of those does is hot, bucks will be around) however, food plots work best later in the season. Good forage is scarce and food moves back to the number one thing on a buck's mind. All in all, your best bet would be to set up on the downwind side of where you've been seeing them regularly, and keep your fingers crossed!
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