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I have the scope mounted on my gun right now. The scope is so far forward that the Butler Creek lens cover interferes with the hammer. I had to turn it up out of the way. That's more forward than a Leupold that claims to have 4" of eye relief. Bushnell says it has 5" of eye relief. I think they know more than you do about their own scope.

You sure don't accept defeat well.

All you can do is talk about Google, and the links I posted. How about talking about what's in the links. They back up what I said before I had to find links to back up what I said.

Don't you use Google, or is it too hard to figure out?

The bottom line is everything I said is not wrong, and I didn't need Google to say it. maybe you should post some links backing up what you say, or am I just suppose to believe you? I can show you guys saying in reviews that the glass in the Bushnell is better than a VX2. You can probably show the same thing in reverse. Like I said in the beginning. It's a matter of opinion. One thing that hasn't been mentioned is the Leupold cost twice as much. It should have better glass. Too bad it doesn't.
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