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Originally Posted by stude 283 View Post
What's weak about it? I called them and they said they would make it right. After i paid shipping both ways they did not! It says Bushnell Banner on it and they admitted it had a problem.
This was after they had the scope 4 months with no confirmation of receipt and/or communication.
Good luck to you if you if you ever have a warranty or factory service problem.
Because you had one bad experience with one of their cheaper scopes. They didn't ignore you. They offered you something. You asked everybody to not buy Bushnell, because of your one experience when I see a lot more happy customers with Bushnells. Me being one of them.

All scopes can have a problem. Even if you payed $3000 for it.

btw Changing POI when you change power is normal for cheap scopes. Which is why on a BDC scope they tell you to sight in, and use the highest power with a BDC reticle.

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