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Thank you for your post on the various cold gun blues you tried. Well done!

You've confirmed what I've thought about Brownell's Oxpho Blue. Its a very decent cold blue, which I've used for some time now.

Kinda disappointed you did not use the Blue Wonder cold blue product in your experiment. I've found it to be just as good as Oxpho Blue, but more costly and not quite as easy to use. In the past I've done more cold blue work with Oxpho than the Blue Wonder. However, If I really want to do a really good looking (cold) blue job, I'll use the Blue Wonder.

You know Blue Wonder is decent, when you hand a gunsmith a rifle, while standing outside in bright day light, to inspect, that he'd installed the barrel on its receiver and he asks, with a puzzled look, was this barrel already blued before I installed it?

Regardless, thanks for you post.
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