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Originally Posted by txhunter58 View Post
No, the fact that there is nothing when you check under "licenses on file" just means they haven't uploaded the data to that area yet. That 3 digit code is for your elk app, and that has been there since you applied. The tag code is in addition to that code and tends to lag behind the points update. And they don't "officially" have the preference points listed, you have to get the back door of that back door.

If you really have 0 points, under elk 2014, then your drew your first choice.

And the points will only tell you if you drew a first choice, not if you drew a 2nd choice, you have to wait for the official back door to know that.
Ah, misunderstood the way listed with the 3 digit code then.

Indeed, when I view frame source on the pending points section, it shows my elk points as 0 for 2014. So I drew my first choice. Good times
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