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Hey thanks Buck...I hope you all noticed the April Fools at the bottoom of the thread...If that was a true story, you would have seen me on the 6:00

In all seriousness, I have been catching many bass but no giants. I think I know what might be happening. Normally I'm a die hard flipping and pitching man...well, this year there is not much of a structured shoreline. Bass can spawn in water in 2-8 feet if neccessary. Well, recently I've been catching my bigger fish in 5 feet of water on my drifting rod. When I can't find the fish I'll pitch and lay a second rod over my foot drifting in the secondaries 4-8 foot...lately I've been catching them on that secondary rod. If you try this...use braid on your secondary rod, mono has a tendency to kink up when drifting a worm, even a non- curly tail.

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