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Default 2013 Montana Hunt

We had a good 2013 hunting year. We had 5 hunters on the place. They got a cow elk, 3 mule deer bucks, and a whitetail buck. They stayed at our north pasture, and are trying for elk bull tags next year. We didnít have anybody hunt around the place, and we have deer all over. Iíve seen 4-5 good size mule deer bucks just laying around, theyíll be somebodies trophy next year. Not many pictures this year, between the extreme cold, and sickness havenít gotten out like I had hoped. We had a few requests about leasing the place out during hunting season, but we have a few hunters that come out already that we donít want to lose, and we are always looking for new ones. If you are looking for a new place to hunt for the 2014 season give us a call at 406-972-4568 we are beginning to book now.
Good Luck and Good Hunting
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