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The only long rifle that I currently own is a Cabela's Blue Ridge rifle made by Pedersoli and I don't have any problem removing the barrel from it for flushing. I also have a set of "flush nipples" one in standard 1/4x28 and another in 6x1 mm that I have used on occasion but prefer to flush the barrel in a pan of warm soapy water. Looks like the guy in the video has a T/C rifle. Maybe he's too lazy to remove the barrel and flush it properly. I wouldn't want to risk letting some of that concoction he has in the jug run out over my rifle's stock if something went wrong with the process (Murphy's Law states that anything that can go wrong eventually will). As for cleaning a custom long rifle, I would remove as much as possible with a jag and patches and then use a flush nipple followed by a thorough swabbing with alcohol patches and dry patches.

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