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Jeff G
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I am also a gun hunter. I will be out on November 22 with my .270 ready to shoot a nice deer if I see one.

I just am frustrated with the timing of the T-Zone. One of my buddies had shot three nice bucks in the past on Halloween. With the T-Zone we are now unable to shoot bucks that weekend and we must wear orange. My job allows me to hunt only on weekends. which means that one of the best three weekends to bow hunt is left out of my season(the other two are opening day and this coming weekend).

I have been out in the woods every weekend since the opening day and I have seen many deer including a doe I shot two weeks ago. I am not going to shoot another doe T-Zone or not in hopes for a buck(I can only eat so much venison). So instead of having me in the woods with the abitlity to help bring the heard down I was sitting at home this weekend.

I hunt with about 10 other hunters and only one of us actually hunted the T-Zone and all he saw were bucks including a really nice eight pointer. I know our group is not alone in our boycott of the T-Zone.

We all have the same strategy, we will shoot nice does with our bows. If we don' t have one by the start of the Gun Deer season we then will take our deer then.

Gunhunters have a full 10 days in two weeks to shoot all the does they want. I would venture to think that many of the does tags filled over this weekend could also be filled during the full gun hunt.
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