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Originally Posted by onlyaZ View Post
Hi guys. sorry to inform you I do not hunt much but have been looking at a few trail cameras and wanted some more professinal opinions before I bother spending money on one. My problem is a gated yard I rent that every few weeks keeps getting broken into. So far im out over $1000 that has been stolen and am tired of this stuff. This location is not close to an electric line so I cant use a traditional camera. A few friends who hunt have recomended a trail camera since they are battery operated and are meant for taking night pictures which is when these theives are breaking in.I have plenty of places to hide the camera so I am not as concerned with them seeing it and stealing or breaking it. Because of this I have also been looking at mostly the "no-flash" or "black-flash" cameras because a flash is going to be very obvious to a thief as you might imagine. Some of the cameras that have caught my eye are the moultrie m-80 black (approx $180) and the Spypoint bf-7 (approx $200). My main concern is ability to conceal in a small area and detection distance and quality of pictures at night. Anybody use either of these two cameras or have opinions on them?. If not are there any other cameras that might be better suited for my needs? Im looking to stay in the $150-$250 price range if possible.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me on this.
problem is hiding them where they don't see them...Moultrie takes excellent night photos.

this is a little higher than your price range but it has a backup you can hide 80yds away...
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