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Originally Posted by GTOHunter View Post
Congratulations on a nice looking Coyote and a sweet looking Rifle!

I know it can be be pretty exhilarating when Hunting and Shooting Coyotes,if possible next time You shot one or call 2 in after shooting the first one try calling again or use the Coyote/Pup yelp and the second Coyote may stop for 1 last look and You'll get a chance at another one and get a double!

What grain bullet are You using in Your .223?I'm using 55 grain V-max Hornady's in my Savage Axis XP Camo Rifle and they do a great job of putting down the Predators!
Thanks for the advice!

I shoot the Hornady 55 gr V-max, too. My Savage is a tack driver with that round.
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