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Talking First coyote!

After a few months of trying to figure out calling, setup, and strategy, I finally bagged my first coyote! I tried a new spot this morning and managed to call in 2 shortly after setting up, but after shooting the first one the second made it back over the hill and out of site before I got off a second shot.

I've always hunted deer and birds, but never predators. Man, have I been missing out! That was a lot of fun and after several failed attempts, it feels great to finally get one.

I used the Primos Alpha Dogg e-call, a cottontail call (still need a lot of practice with this), and a MOJO Critter decoy. The first coyote headed straight for the decoy and I took him down at around 70 yards.

I can't wait to get back out there!

Pic of my first coyote and my Savage 10 Predator Hunter 223:
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