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Yes, every camo has its use and to some point, you' re gonna be faced with different environmental situations...thus being the edge of a field or in the pines or in an open set of big woods...if you want a pattern that can fit all of those and help to break up your outline then ASAT, predator or skyline horizon help to take care of all that... but if you want to hunt the edge of a field or in the field, then you' d hafta buy sumthing like mossy oak shadow grass so that' d help you blend in like in the field, or sumthing of that color, now if you were to hunt down in a river bottom, your mossy oak shadow grass wouldn' t fit the picture...but if you had ASAT, you could go and hunt the river bottom and not worry, go hunt the edge of that field n not worry. Get a camo thats extremely versatile so you don' t have to own all of those different camos.... All Season All Terrain... now that I come to think of it...ASAT would be my first choice! And then predator second!
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