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Talking Beginner with a few questions, 1st bow

I just got my first compound bow at goodwill for $50 lol, its a pse silverhawk. I had my friend who's basically a beast at archery check it out and he was impressed. It has a new string on it, the limbs and cams are in great shape all in all well worth $50.

The draw weight is 45-60lbs
The draw length is 28-30"
I was wondering what kind of arrows I should get for it?
I'm assuming I need 30" arrows.

would any that are 30"-31" work? I know too short won't work and I'm assuming too long is bad as well

I was looking at aluminum arrows because it is a few years old but I was wondering if carbon arrows would work too?

*Obviously I need to practice A LOT before I'll attempt to hunt with my friend and he said he'd help me shoot and teach me stuff when it gets a little warmer

Also just any general tips to help me get started would be appreciated. Thanks
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