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Originally Posted by simong View Post
not enogh of these morons are getting punched in the teeth, and I dont know if thats because the new generations are so touchy-feely and full of emotions, ( everytime I turn on tv there is a grown man blubbering like an 8 year old girl) or if the water is bad and everyone is turning more gay like those fish in the potomac river near DC, or what the problem is but there are more sandal wearing sissies running their mouths and less men slinging them into the dirt by their ponytails

and that bothers me.

we had several people come up in their kayaks giving us crap one day on lake champlain last year, I was so restrained it shocked my buddies and I merely showed them the forts and educated them about our families histories in the area and the fact that were it not for our ancestors killing every native AND foreign people that bucked us there, they would not have the peace or ability to show up hundreds of years later and kayak on those waters with their Tofu and Coconut Water lunches.

that plus I didnt have an extra boat battery I could spare or I'da slit em and sank em.

IN many parts of the world people will happily kill you for only your clothes or boots, the fact that we have idiots who feel safe enough to run up to armed men and give them crap is testament that we have a safe and free society that works ...I guess.

I better go fishing, I am even crankier than normal
lol...bow fishing carp is fun! Ive shot 8 or 9 I need to get a new rig for my bow...i havent been in many years..
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