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Originally Posted by kramcutthroat
Hey all, I'm hoping for any advice on hunting turkey in NW Colorado. I live in Longmont, I've been scouting around Lyons, Estes, Allenspark, etc. this is my first year turkey hunting so I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking for. I've done quite a bit of research regarding the habits of turkey but I guess in still unsure of hoe to really locate roosting areas or strut zones. I've been spending hours on google earth throughout the week looking for areas that have small open fields etc but I'm not sure this is really what I should be concentrating on. What elevations should I be looking at for the spring hunt? Does anyone have any info they would be able to share as far as areas I could scout? I am fine with putting in all the hard work needed for scouting but I'd like to save my knees from just walking around the woods in areas that I have no chance of coming across any turkey. Thanks in advance for any help or advise anyone might be able to give, it's greatly appreciated!

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