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Default A Few WNY Deer...

Had probably my worst/best season in WNY in 2012. Worst part was loosing 2 deer during archery, gave the best job I could tracking. It all turned around on the 2nd to last day, 11/15/12, when this guy walked in at 9:30am after shooting over the back of a 6 point an hour earlier.

Then on the opening morning of shotgun, 11/17/12, this guy walked in..I was hunting the same area as where I got my bow buck.Talked about being blessed!

Then about a week later, with just my DMP tag left, while doing barn chores, spotted some does bedded in our woods.This made the first deer to be taken out of our woods (small acreage, rarely do the deer hang in here during the day)

Both bucks are at the taxidermist, the shotgun buck is the first I've gotten on an opener, also broke the ice after not gettign a buck the last 6-8 years or so of shotgun season. Thanks go to the Lord!
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