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Early in the season I noticed a big dead branch waaaay up (40-50ft) over my head in a Tulip Poplar. Every time I hunted that stand I'd look up at it, and pray it wouldn't come down while was in it. Tulip dreaks reeeal easily. Well, a week ago I went to hunt that stand and that branch had come down. It doesn't look big, but it's about 15ft long and about 4"-5" in diameter, and it was stuck in the ground! I'm safe again.

I always look around to see if there's a tree within reach of me that could cause trouble. I'd never pick a tree for a set and not have already checked things out, especially in the low light. Treestand hunting ain't no joke, and care needs to be put into choosing a good/safe tree. I guess I'm more tree aware than most folks beacause I do tree work (climb) for a living.
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