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A few years back I decided to move my climber to a new location. It was after dark before I made it into the area I want to try. I picked out the perfect tree, set my climber and headed back to camp for a good nioght's sleep. I was out early and climbed up about 20-25 feet and settled in well before daybreak. About 7:15 I just happened to look up and saw no limbs on the "perfect" tree and a wood pecker condo about 10-15 feet above my head. The tree was as dead as a hammer. Man you talk about easing down with some care !!!

As far as a nearby tree cutting loose and raking me out of my stand? I just hope the hit is not too hard and the harness holds !!! Otherwise my wife might need to see if I had 6 friends.

I figure that the odds of that are so long that if it does happen, then the Rev. John Calvin was right all along.
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