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It was several years ago now, we had a heavy ice storm-power was out for 10 days or so.

Somehow our home was in a shadow & received maybe .10 inch. The next day was full sun so I thought to check on my treestand & maybe sit a watch, see what all the fuss was about.

Well, my happy hunting grounds, an old farm, had more than .50 in of ice; the road in was lined with downed trees. Some of the oaks here would take 2+ guys to get arms around-they are big!

As I shut off the truck I noted two things simultaneously-

1) CrashCrashCrashCrash- trees were falling all around and it was LOUD!! I mean it sounded like explosives detonating as these huge trees folded & came down.

2) The fields were full of deer, just standing (and starting every once in a while) looking into the woods as the trees continued to crash!!

The thought struck to retrieve my climber to save it from damage- I was so glad I had set up on the edge vs my usual spot back in the pines! I'll tell you, my eyes were over my shoulder the entire time as I chipped the iced off the cables. That stand must have weighed 50lbs or more!!

That storm left a lot of leaners and standing dead wood to be aware of.
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