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Originally Posted by Jasonlester View Post
I always check and now usually have ladder stands because of the land I hunt now...but years ago I had used a climber and was up 20 feet or so. I had a bow holder attached to the climber that held the bow on the outside of the stand. I had hunted the tree before and after a few hours in the stand I heard cracking up above me. I realized just in time to grab my bow as a big limb fell right beside my stand ...A few inches closer to me I would guess I would be hoping someone would walk close enough to the tree to get me down from my harness, a bit closer than that, and I expect I wouldn't be typing this.
Scary was 4-5 inch thick limb BTW. would have taken me out easy.
I probably would've died from a heart attack. I know that had you shaking in your boots! I've seen limbs fall but not from the same tree that I was in. Thank God you are ok. I think about stuff like this all the time. Maybe I should just stick to the blind in an open field lol.
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