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Default Question about cold fronts

Its been very warm here the last week even getting close to the 80s for a few days. Today a front is moving through and brought a lot of rain from about 9am-11am and we havent gotten any rain in over a week. Its already dropped into the low 50s and is supposed to hit 30s during the night and stay in the 40s till noon tomorrow.

Should I hunt this afternoon even if its very overcast with a decent wind and still might rain some more? I know you cant kill deer from your couch but I have heard fronts are terrible for hunting until they blow through as they will usually lay up until it passes.

Tomorrow morning supposed to be clear, light wind, and low temps around 35-45 until noon. Definitely packing a lunch for that as they should be moving a lot. Because of the high temps I havent seen hardly anything lately and Im hoping this cold will liven them up.

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