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Originally Posted by morris.zach View Post
Just putting out a feeler here but I own a T/C Renegade. I recently went shooting at the local tartget range in preperation for this upcoming black powder deer season. After shooting it I noticed I had a small crack in the stock by the hammer. After further and closer inspection I noticed the cheap plastic stock was actually cracked about mid thickness all the way through to one side. This is where the "feeler" comes into play. Is any one out here in this forum selling or know someone selling a replacement stock for a t/c renegade? Thanks in advance.
You say your Renegade has a plastic stock? Are you sure it is not a New Englander or perhaps a Black Mountain Magnum? I at one time owned four Renegade and one Renegade Hunter and all had the wood stock. So I would say.. check the model again. If it is a Renegade, then maybe a wooden stock could be found on E-Bay. T/C Firestorm also had the plastic stocks.
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