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I have been looking at alot of bows here lately, Im shooting a hoyt currently that to be honest is getting a little outdated, (ive had it about 5 years I believe.) So, I thought I would give it to my girlfriend who wants to learn to shoot, and give me a good excuse to get a new one. I am considering buying a PSE Bow madness, ive heard alot of good about them and found one for $375 loaded on craigslist... But, ive also found a Bowtech General for sale for $400 on craigslist I thought looks good, although havnt got to shoot yet. And ive felt a bowtech assassin i thought felt good, brand new loaded is $650 at a local shop... I guess what im asking is which is the best choice out of these? I want a good bow i can shoot for another season or two at least... best bang for the buck, quiet, fast.. and any other things I should be looking for. Or any other bows that I should check into would be appreciated, I havnt been reading up on bows lately. Thanks in advance!
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