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Default Grow The Bone Really Works

Let me say, I have not only heard of it but I've seen and used it. I found word of GTB a little over a year ago while searching through the web. Out of curiosity I figured I would give it a try since I had tried nearly everything else over the years.

Within a couple days my package arrived and I couldn't wait to put it out and see what happened. I couldnt have guessed that within 2 hours of pouring the product out, I had 3 mature does and their little ones come up through the hardwood valley I was hunting to eat this brand new, never poured out or tested in the area, product. What made this impressive was that in this valley was freshly falling white oak acorns and a corn feeder that they had been eating out of for months. Yet they walked right past them to eat this fresh powder. Was I sold? Absolutely.

I went to town and started pouring it out at all camera sites and in all feeders. We hunt a small piece of property, and we often here of neighbors shooting the bucks we just get a glimpse of barely once. Well with the GTB, our picture count increased on cameras that would normally get 150-200 pics a week to getting 800-1200 pics a week. The deer wouldn't leave. For months, prerut, thru the rut, and post rut we continued getting pics of deer as we were holding them on our property. Even when the GTB would be gone the deer would continue to come in and lick the logs or ground where we would pour it for any last remnant of the minerals.

It has become a staple in our supplemental feeding program and the number of deer we see has apparently increased.

Try Grow The Bone. You won't be disappointed. If it can work down here in Georgia, it can work anywhere, I have no doubt.
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