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Originally Posted by Champlain Islander View Post
Good percentage of our coyotes have wolf DNA in them resulting in big coyotes. I saw a 70 pound male one day hanging up dead at a camp near mine.
While I agree with you C.I., I have a hard time understanding why we have a few that gets shot or trapped that are 80% wolf. For being here as long as they have been I have a hard time reconiseing that. Also across the river from here ( in New Brunswick ) one was caught last winter that was 100% wolf.

One was shot in this state around 7 or 8 years ago and a year or 2 later one was caught by a trapper. The one shot was in Western Maine and that guy got a bum wrap. The DNA was sent to 3 different states in order for them to say it was a wolf. The other was caught by accident by a trapper around 75 miles from here. Then the Feds wanted them released here. So whatever happened it came back that the wolves wouldn't survive here because they are breeding with coyotes?? That last line sounds sort of fishy but at least they will not be letting them go?

So it makes one wonder if nothing else. It also makes me wonder what I have on video.

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