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Has anyone else heard of this product? I recently found out about it a few months ago. It got me interested when they stated that it's 80% digestible by whitetails with 21% protein. They also claim it gets deer onto your property and holds them there. It's said to be an amazing attractant. (but what product out there doesn't claim this) Now in MO we can't bait our deer when we hunt, and I wouldn't want to if I could. But the fact that this stuff offers that much protein is what got me to buy this stuff. I bought 3 bags, not to pricey. I currently have a pile in front of a trail cam in the back of our property at home. Just to see how well it brings them in. I'll be checking that camera tonight when I get back home from school. But I was wondering if anyone else has used this product? I'm not interested in using for hunting at all. But implementing it into my feeding program. If I can get a product that a deer can digest 80% of the product. I'd love that! That will allow a deer to walk into my food plots and benefit from that even more. The potential of this product seems amazing. It has been used for 15 years by private outfitters and such. So it has to have a good track record. So we'll see. I'll be doing a review of it on my blog ( in a few weeks. So feel fee to check that out. But if you've used or heard of this product, I wanna know. How well has it worked for you?
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