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Just clean your barrel regularly and there shouldn't be any issue. Visit the Brenneke website. There you will find some slug offerings and advice from the people who have been making and developing slugs for well over 100 years. They indicate rifled slugs in giggled barrels are fine.

And for the record, different firearms/barrels shoot different slugs better than others. There is no way to determine that any particular slug gun will shoot a particular slug better than any other slugs without trying the slugs in your gun for yourself.

Different slugs, shooting at different velocities can have very dramatic variations in accuracy shooting through barrels of different twist rates.

I would take advice offered and use it as a starting baseline for your own accuracy evaluations.

Hope I helped you in the right direction and wish you the best in finding what works best for YOU in YOUR slug gun. After my own evaluations I know what works best in my slug guns. I don't even think About trying any of the newest latest and greatest slug offerings because I've been there and done that. Find what works for you in your gun and stick with it

Good luck and happy hunting!
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