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Default Which Would Be Better?

My friend and I hog hunt and he uses dogs while Im a archer. He recently got some 8wk old Am Bull/Catahoula mix. Im puppy sitting them for him right now trying to decide which one I want to keep. One is bigger, her body style resembles a bulldog more , but she seems shy. While the other one is a lil smaller but she is more nippy, faster and likes to roam around and get in trouble.

My question is which would be a better hog dog. I can only get one of them so Im wanting one that will be a better finder/holder. Will the one that is bigger get more outgoing as she starts to train?

Here are some pics of the 2. Sorry the pics are so blury. I didnt know how hard it was to take pictures of puppies till I tried. They never stop moving lol.

I took this one trying to show the size difference.
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