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KWR, here is my experience, make your own judgement. What is in most of our CRP that deer eat? Most CRP is considered good bedding. Making CRP retain species which deer prefer may just be more time consuming than making a supplemental feeding location causing a minimal disturbance in bedding cover.

I can plant food plots that provide year round diet supplementation with varieties of palatable deer food. Because deer will eat more of their natural browse than food plot offerings, I am not trying to give them a full diet from my food plots, but another food source to choose from when the natural browse is slim or just as "candy" .

Not knocking what the biologist told you. Take that information and put it to use where ever you can but just don't give in to the notion that food plots are not needed. Just keep the plots in perspective.

As far as what to plant, try this on. Central plot with 10-20% in white clover and the remaining split half with a mix of Winter rye, spring wheat, Austrian Winter peas, red clover, and ground hog radish. The remaining half planted in mix of purple top turnips dwarf Essex rape, and ground hog radish. In spring the cerial grain mix will grow a red clover crop. Plant the brassica mix side the following spring with winter rye and crimson clover. In early fall, rotate the cereal grain and brassica areas.

If this sounds good check this link out it is full of good info on this rotation.

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