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Ok let me start by saying that being your first bow don't break the bank. And look for something atleast 32" ata and with a longer brace height. I would also suggest a single cam. Learning how to shoot you DO NOT want a short brace height dual cam speed monster that's a beast to draw. also I'm not against Mathews and Hoyt they make great bows but I think you can get more bang for your buck with other companies. I shoot a 2009 Martin Bengal M2 pro. Msrp was around 600 I picked it up off eBay new with tags for 320. I haven't found a bow I couldn't hang with. 293 fps and I can shoot dimes with it. Very quiet with no vibration or hand torque. Martin has been around for a long time and make great cost effective bows. I have friend who shoot bowtechs and are extremely happy with them. Parker makes good starter bows aswell. Do your research. Also use the money you saved buying a more cost friendly bow and buy quality accessories. This is as important if not more so than the bow. Stay away from drop sways while learning to shoot and but a good sight. My set up is Martin Bengal 31" draw 65 lbs, beeman 8.3gpi arrows, rage 2 blades, G5 meta peep, copper John 3 pin sight, whisker biscuit, sims s-coil, limb savers, d-loop and tru-ball release. Love it and won't buy a new bow until it breaks.
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