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I replied last night, but I must have hit the wrong button at 2am. First welcome to the site. It is a very good place and good folks to chat with.

Your bow options and budget amount really limit where you can start, but it isn't impossible.
Of the bows listed I have experience with the Razor's Edge. It is a very nice shooting bow for the price. I actually bought my daughter one and my neighbor has the same bow. They both shoot great. The only issue is my daughters sights "fell off" the bow after a year and a half. I was upgrading hers anyway so that would be my first replacement on the bow.

I have a buddy here on this site Steve, gun870guy. He has an archery shop and might be able to get you a bow package with a tuned used bow around your starting price. Fire him a PM and tell him I sent you.

The last idea and maybe the best is craigslist. You can find some great deals there for a much better used bow than the new ones you have listed. I would also look here on our sale swap area and then there are other "site" that have sale and swap areas. Guys are always upgrading and swapping the used bow and you can again get a good deal. I bought a used Pearson Z34 ready to shoot from a guy for $210 this summer. Just have to look for the deals. Being that you live in PA there are a bunch of hunters there and craigslist might be a deal.
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