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Default Sunday Hunting in Virginia

Anyone have plans on Saturday that are preventing them from deer hunting? Wish you could go Sunday morning and then catch up on some NFL, family time, the late Church service? Anyone have a kids sporting event Saturday only to have him/her sit idly by on Sunday instead of learning valuable lessons outdoors? The examples go on an on of why we should hunt on Sundays in Virginia. As such, I ask for your support.

I am working with a group of individuals the Commonwealth to repeal the ban on Sunday hunting. I see one of my friends has posted today as well. We can't stress this enough everyone!

I ask that you join the Facebook group Legalize Virginia Sunday Hunting for All in support of our efforts. I can assure you two things.

1) The Facebook group numbers need to increase - we need your help to do so. Click the hyperlink above to join. If the link fails you can find the group here:

2) Facebook won't do it alone. There are other significant efforts happening which will be revealed post election.

We need your help. Facebook is a great grassroots machine. Join the effort.

Thank you for your support.
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