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Originally Posted by halfbakedi420 View Post
as for the last 2 post, better lock ur dogs up..if there isnt a dog, there is no the op..i wouldnt even respond to this post anymore, take care of bid-ness
Yeah, we already know from other threads that you shoot first, ask questions later, halfbaked. After all, every loose dog is there intentionally and deserves to be shot. Too bad that we're not all perfect like you are and our dogs occasionally get loose, or accidentally lose contact with us when we're bird hunting and stray across a property line. Sigh.

Originally Posted by UncleNorby View Post
If the law won't help, and it gets this bad that property is being damaged, sometimes it has to be S.S.S.
That's the point: it's rare that this can't be handled through a live trap or through a game warden (I've gone both routes, and know they work).
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