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I honestly believe the owners of the dogs are guilty of abusing and even killing their animals by being indifferent to the trouble they cause their fellow hunters. The people that own these dogs are hunters during gun season only, therefore when they go out they must pin or leash their animals or they follow them. I have personally asked one of them to please leash his dogs after they riuned several hunts last year, he said he does but this is only a half truth because when he is not out they run free. 3 of his dogs have been shot by land owners in the area and his only response is get more dogs. His four neighbours have warned him to keep them away from their cows and calves,chickens and guineas. All in the area have exaused reasonable channels therefore the unpleasant choice of shooting them has come about by others. I have decided to simply stay away and hunt where this rarely ever happens except for a stray coyote once in a while which I can shoot legally. Whats hard about doing this is that I spent all summer scouting,clearing,feeding, using trail cams and cultivating a safe bedding area for the many deer in the area so that my best friend and I could increase our chances on his land and the local forest. It was wishful thinking to think this problem would just go away on my part. He personally(my best friend) like his neighbours has the right to protect and keep his property free of nuisance dogs which I don't have being a guest. I'm there nearly every weekend but not anymore until this is all resolved by law or the land owners rights to act as is fitting for them. This may seem like the dogs owners are getting their way but after speaking with those most impacted by this situation,I think the dogs will soon be gone and different ones will unfortunately take their doomed place. Thanks to everyone for your input it has helped me by hearing the pros and cons of each solution suggested.

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