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Default Decoy

Originally Posted by Ohboy View Post
Just wondering how many people use a decoy while still hunting in the se va area or even in va at all? I have been told by people it helps and some people say it doesnt. So i was wondering whats peoples input on here and if you use a decoy what kind of success have you had with it? Im thinking about using a decoy but have never tried so i need some help on when, where, how and what situations to use it in, and wether i should use a buck or doe? I hunt in Ivor and the wakefield area and the land i hunt is all in southampton co. and i cant use a muzzleloader in that county so im looking at another option to get the deer closer to me with a bow, especially during the pre-rut and rut, or just whenever i can in general.
Put antlers on it. It will work!
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