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If your boots are quality boots that you don't want to screw up, I would suggest you find a phone number for the manufacturer, phone them, and ask them what they recommend. I damaged some high quality boots I had by putting sno-seal on them. This is not the intended conditioner for the boot I had, and the result was that I waterproofed them . . . both ways. Water didn't get in, water couldn't get out. The latter was bad for my feet, as my feet perspire and my boots then would not breath and dissipate this moisure. Naturally my skin got overly soft, my heels blistered, and that was not fun on a 6 day backpacking trip. In the days of the Internet and cheap long-distance phone calss there is no reason not to look up their customer service number and call them to get it right. On the other hand . . . if you don't care whether you screw up your boots or not, never mind.
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