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Originally Posted by txhunter58 View Post
Have a friend that had a problem with his old T/C renegade barrel and ended up ordering a new Green Mt barrel sidelock dropin barrel. 1:28 twist. Will arrive tomorrow. We leave for our hunt next week!

Shouldn't he clean it before he takes it out the first time to get all oil residues out?

What is the best thing to use? TIA
I would certainly say YES!

Use a good bore cleaner like Barnes CR-10, Butches Bore Shine, Montana X-treme Bore Cleaner. Wipe it in the bore liberally and let it work for the recommended time. Then clean it out and complete the barrel cleaning process as you normally would.

Personally myself I would also run some JB Bore Paste through the barrel to remove any tooling marks and burrs...
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