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Default Missed Almost a Barely

The first scope with the CDS dial worked so well, i couldn't keep from purchasing another. Received the second a few day ago, and have proceeded to try it out. This morning i felt the urge to try and make a jug movie. Went to a different location for this movie, so i could get further away. This new location allowed for a better angle locating the camera, and also allowed for more zoom to be set on the camera. The truck looks quite close to the jug, but it isn't. A higher zoom setting in the camera makes the jug and truck look closer than they really are.The still from the video is the link to the video.

The load was 105g BH209, 300g Deep Curl, short black Harvester sabot, STS primer. The elevation was about 4900', the temperature was about 65 degrees. Muzzle velocity is about 1890 fps with this load in this rifle.

The range from the rifle to the jug was measured using a laser range finder, the CDS dial was set to that range, and the shot taken.

The hydrostatic shock from just grazing the bottle amazes me.
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