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I would say the only advantage that mechanical broadheads have; is they fly more like a field point. Fixed heads will fly just like a field point if your bow is tuned. Fixed heads usually penetrate better and hold together better. I think one of the best broadheads for anyone are the magnus stingers, or buzz cuts. They have flown great out of every bow and broadhead tuned easily They penetrate better than any broadhead i've ever used, and are tough. I used the same four blade stinger for 3 deer last year. All i did was change out the little bleeder blades because they don't sharpen too easily. I don't work for them, but i kinda sound like it I just think they are a great broadhead. Best part is Stingers or Buzzcuts are cheaper than alot of the other broadheads out there, and have a lifetime warranty. Cut on contact broadheads penetrate the best hands down. Chisel tip broadheads usually have replaceable blades and tips. They work well too.Avoid the shoulder and any broadhead your shooting will do the job nicely, it's all about shot placement. Good Luck to you this season.

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