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Default $1000 to spend on your hunt

Since I was 9 I have been part of a deer hunting lease here in Ga. For some reason the past two years I haven't been able to find a club I like or if I do my buddies don't like it. I don't like hunting alone so If I can't find anything that suit me and my buddies I don't get in a club. Anyway to make a long story short I am willing to pay $1000 because I have nothing to offer in return for any kind of hunting. In the past here I would hunt anything that would move from squirrels,varmints,hogs,deer,turkey..... You get the point I am open to just about anything. I would love to Elk hunt,mule deer, antelope red, red stag, bear, maybe even some caribou I know some of the hunts listed cost more than $1000 but if anyone can offer me a great time hunting and $1000 if fair to you send me an Email at [email protected]
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