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I decided a couple of years ago that I waned to start chasing some birds as well. Living in Ohio there are not many birds to be found so most people rely on pay hunts (self included)....

That being said when I first got Jax (GSP) I had a buddy from work that hunts birds with his father, the help and advice they gave me was worth more than all of the books and video's that I have found ( there is alot, and they are helpful). Just seeing the pre-season work with releasing birds and getting my pup interested early.

I agree with Alvasin, get working on basic obedience and go from there. My pup was chasing every butterfly that flew by untill he got introduced to real birds. it was allot of fun watching him develop, and he is a pretty fair bird dog now at 2. And it's a bit more excersize than sitting in a tree all day.
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