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It seems the material of the Federal large rifle magnum primer is softer than the material of the CCI primer.

This has also been something I have believed, based on what I have seen in centerfire reloading. I have always been a Federal primer user but on occassion CCI was all I could get. and I have noticed that the Federal will flow into the firing pin hole when the CCI would not with hotter loads. I also had a rifle once that had a seemingly light firing pin spring and it gave the same light stikes on CCI but fired consistantly with Fed. I do have one Ruger 77 that I only use the CCI because of the size of the firing pin hole in the bolt.

The MK 95 is really a rebuilt/modified MK 85. The basic action is the same as far as I can tell, except for the addition of the slot for the small bolt handle for the posifire bolt. The Posifire kit is not a one peice bolt such as in the Disc based rifles. It is actually 2 peices, a bolt with firing pin and a plunger striker. I would imagine the plunger coil spring is quite a but heavier than the one in your rebounding hammer rifle. I know it is when compared to my KRB7. I would also tend to believe you are right about the hammer spur too. It would tend to add some weight which would add to the forward moving mass of the hammer. With the KRB, they had a few hammer safteys that would rock back into "Safe" when fired due to the added weight of the hammer spur.

I have seen some slight blockage of the flash hole in my plugs using the CCI mag primer, but it was not near as hard as what you described, but then again I do not recall popping of 10 in a row either. In the cases I saw it was more like ash and was easily removed. I have also used the Federal and Remington Mags as well with good results.

While it is a great experiment I would tend to agree that it is a lot of work you are doing for no so much in return. But I do envy you having the equipment to do this. Hats off to you.

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