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Originally Posted by gman57 View Post
Well Monday ended my special BP hunting season here on the Isl. and I dont think I could have gone much longer. Between the snow and ice my old back and legs are shot,but pain pill and back brace saw me through. Over the season, which ran from 2nd week of Jan to the 31st no weekends,I spent a lot of hrs out there and only got one shot, which I knew was a desperation shot but I took it anyway. My wife would say Im nuts when I got home after dark soakin wet from sweat and my back breakin but Id rather be out there even seeing nothing then being home. So now I cleaned up the Accura and set it aside till spring and await my new bolt from Knight and my T hole stock to come back from the Big Dipper to put my Elite together and prepare to shoot same. My wife thought it was bad enough that I go out several times a week from Oct 1 till Dec 31 sittin in a tree with my bow now she has to contend with the muzzie till the end of January. Ah its a good life if you dont weaken !
Your having fun and that is all that matters. I can't wait to see that stock! I bet it will end looking a little different from when it left here.
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