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Yeah, our season ended last weekend too. I hunted every Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning from Nov 12th. through Jan 30th. Frankly, I was ready for it to end. Our club had its worst season ever. Deer sightings were way down. It was the same with every club in our area. Even the hogs have disappeared.

I've always lived by the "Morning Doe Rule" (i.e. If you're going to shoot a doe, always do it in the morning of a nice weather day. Then you have daylight to track it if necessary, and all day to clean it and process the meat in comfort.). This year things were so tough I violated the rule and shot my second doe at dusk. Never even saw a shootable buck. Our club killed only three bucks this year. The norm is seven.

Well, at least we can all get back to playing with our toys and having some serious range sessions.
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